Yarn Conditioning Plant-Auto Line

SIEGER YCP Autoline is a Sequence of modules as listed below that combine the functions Conditioning , stretch wrapping and weighing . Autoline is for a standard pallet of 1200x1200 mm width. Autoline can be customized for 2 or 3 pallets. Autoline saves labour in the conditioning process. Formation of pallets at the winders eliminates the need for trolleys and associated handling.

 SIEGER YCP NG Autoline consists of

  • Inlet convey  
  • Pre-conditioning chamber (optional)
  • Yarn Conditioning Plant
  • Outlet conveyor
  • Stretch Wrapping Module
  •  Weighing Module
  •  Unloading conveyor 

Inlet conveyor 

Inlet conveyor serves as the loading arrangement for pallets to be fed to the YCP. Inlet conveyor consists of a tubular frame with a chain over which the yarn pallets are placed. A geared motor drive moves the chain and pallets. A tilting bridge guides the pallets into the YCP.

Yarn Conditioning Plant YCP NG

Sieger YCP is a conditioning Plant for steaming of yarn. YCP NG is a Cubical stainless steel vessel with reinforcements to withstand vacuum with reinforcement, insulation and outer cladding. A sliding door and seal arrangement closes the YCP vessel during the process. The operating principle is based on vacuum steaming. Yarn as pallets is loaded in the YCP. Initial vacuum is created followed by steaming. Multiple cycles of the vacuum and steaming may be needed based on the material conditioned. A PLC system controls and monitors the functioning of the YCP.

Double Door arrangement

In general the YCP is equipped with one door for loading and removal of material. In case of Autoline the YCP is equipped with an additional door. One door serves as an entry and the second door serves as an exit. Both doors are sliding type driven by a rack and motor. The doors are sealed with a pressure seal arrangement against the vessel. The door is a fabricated structure with reinforcement, insulation and outer cladding.

Outlet conveyor

Outlet conveyor serves as the unloading arrangement for pallets from the YCP. Outlet conveyor consists of a tubular frame with a chain over which the yarn pallets are placed. A geared motor drive moves the chain and pallets. A tilting bridge guides the pallets out of the YCP.

Stretch Wrapping Module

Stretch wrapping is a method of packing wherein the stretch film is wound over the conditioned pallets. The pallets are moved on to the turn table. Stretch film is clung to the pallet, as the pallet rotates the film winds on to the surface. Subsequent upward motion of the film head winds the entire height of pallet with stretch film.

Weighing Module

The SIEGER YCP autoline is completed with a weighing module. The stretch wrapped pallet is moved on to the weighing module that contains load cells to read the weight of the pallet. A label printer can be chosen to generate weight slips that can be stuck on to the pallets.

Unloading Conveyor

The Bar code printed pallet is finally moved to the unloading conveyor where the pallet is unloaded and taken away to storage.

Pre cooling / Post cooling Module - Optional

For conditioning Hygroscopic material, a high humid chamber enhances the moisture in yarn. This chamber consists of conveyors to hold multiple pallets for a few hours under high humidity. Chamber doors are automated to be in line with Autoline. The Module can be located prior or after the conditioning process.

System Integration

Sieger integrates the modules of the autoline with a PLC system, sensors, motors and control elements. Pallets are automatically handled from Entry to exit without much of intervention.