Chairman Message

Mbtex activities and its leadership thinking are based on a comprehensive and strategic vision, which ensures quality products, confirm pioneering and the continuous diversification and expansion. mbtex performance has improved due to humanitarian values and principles that lead to developments, growth and modernization everywhere and at all times. In today’s business world, innovations, technology and management are not alternatives but imperatives that companies use to face challenges and turn them into profits.

mbtex depends on qualified and professional workforce and human resources. We work hard to intensively develop our workforce on all modern methods and styles. Our business activities are carried out with proper ethics, staff members also work in an ethical manner, which leads to company’s success. We maintain good relationships with our customers and suppliers.

We maintain a good working atmosphere in all our organizations for staff to enjoy and work in a clean and healthy environment. Providing the best services to our customers is our primary objective and we work hard to improve our services.

Best Regards,

Mr Shafiq Ahmed