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  • Partially oriented yarns (POY)
  • Draw textured yarns (DTY)
  • Fully drawn yarns (FDY)
  • Polyester staple fibre (PSF)
  • PET Resin and textile grade chips

Spun Yarn

  • 100% BCI Cotton Compact Yarns and 100% Compact Cotton Yarns
  • 100% synthetic yarns
  • Mix blend yarns
  • Twisted yarns
  • Yarns on dye springs
  • Polyester sewing thread yarns


  • 100% polyester filament fabrics
  • High twist fabrics
  • Jet black fabrics
  • Laminated fabrics

Polyester Filament Yarns and Fibres


 Indorama produces a wide range of products ranging from 50 to 600 denier yarns and 0.9 to 1.4 denier fibres including a variety of differentiated products viz. differential shrinkage, micro filament, cationic dyeable, stretch, bi-component and many other tailor-made products. Polyester Yarns and Fibres produced by Indorama are suitable for many diverse applications in fashion apparel, sports and performance wear, home furnishings, automotive, tapes and belts, medical and hygiene applications, luggage and sewing threads.

PET Resin


PET resin is widely used to make containers for food and beverages. Due to its excellent moisture barrier properties, it is commonly used for carbonated drinks and bottled water. It is also used to produce PET film which is used in many applications, including flexible food packaging, thermal insulation, and tape applications. PET is also used as a substrate in thin film solar cells.



Indorama Produces a variety of polyethylene and polypropylene products  HDPE is used to make plastic bags, containers, pipes, lamination, liners, and various household items such as buckets and other plastic items. LLDPE is used extensively for its high tensile strength and puncture resistance in storage tanks, chemical tanks, garbage bins, general purpose film, and laminations. Polypropylene has numerous applications in food packaging, textiles, plastic containers, injection molded products, toys, and packaging.

Phosphoric Acid & Fertilizers


 Indorama is the largest producer of phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizers in Sub Saharan Africa. Phosphoric acid is produced from rock phosphate, a natural mineral, and is an intermediate product used in the manufacture of phosphate fertilizers. The most common type of phosphate fertilizers are DAP and MAP. Phosphoric acid is also used extensively to produce compound fertilizers or NPK.

Ammonia & Urea


 Indorama is the largest producer of ammonia and urea in West Africa. Its plant in Nigeria is one of the largest single line plants in the world with a production capacity of 4,000 tons of urea per day.  Ammonia is an intermediate product used to make urea. Urea is a nitrogenous fertilizer and the most widely used type of fertilizer in the agricultural sector.

Spun Yarns


 Established in 1975, spinning is the oldest business of Indorama. Starting with a modest capacity of 25,000 spindles, Indorama's spun yarn business has since grown exponentially in Indonesia and globally. A wide range of products for apparel, non-apparel, sewing thread and industrial uses are manufactured at the spinning plants. Indorama manufactures cotton, polyester, rayon, and acrylic yarns including various blends of these fibres. It is a leader in the production of specialty yarns such as organic cotton, compact tarns, core-spun spandex, mélange, slub effects, and linen blends. Indorama's spun yarns are widely used for knitting and weaving and for the manufacture of carpets. Indorama also has modern and fully equipped yarn dyeing facilities to produce dyed yarns.



 Indorama started manufacturing polyester filament fabrics in 1994. We are a super store for polyester filament fabrics, inspired to mimic and improve the properties of cotton, wool, silk, linen and viscose. The product range addresses almost all requirements for fashion fabrics, eveningwear, bottom-weights and summer wear.

Power Generation


Indorama operates a 60 MW coal fired cogeneration power plant in Indonesian and also a 132 MW gas fired power plant in Nigeria. Both are for captive purposes.

Medical Gloves


 Indorama manufactures disposal gloves for the healthcare industry at its production facilities in Indonesia and Malaysia, with a combined capacity of over 10 billion pieces a year.

Spandex Yarns


 Indorama started production of Spandex yarns in 2012. Spandex is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. It is stronger than natural rubber and has a multitude of applications in the apparel and non-apparel industry.