MB Energy Innovations

MB Energy Innovations


MB is a solar power energy solution provider that delivers PV base solar power solution as a viable, cost- effective alternative to fossil-fuel generation, for all type of application including industrial, commercial, utility and residential use in 5KW to 50MW specifications. MB import & indent the complete PV panels basedcontrol and BOS as a stand alone device, The MICC. By integrating PV panels and batteries to the MICC, MB eliminates the inefficiencies and shortcomings of existing methodologies.


  1. The Electrolight T5 Universal Retrofit Kit is the only IlL classified universal voltage T5 single strip converter in the market.
  2. This fully assembled kit includes a 28w T5 lamp, Nano-Refiector, bi-pin adapter and electronic quick start ballast.
  3. The kits can fit into any T8 or T12 fixture bulb within minutes.By having a reflector as part of the unit, the lumen levels are nearly doubled, letting the customer reduce the amount of lamps by 50%.
  4. The T5 Universal Retrofit Kit will start saving money the moment it is installed, can save up to 70% on lighting costs and has a payback period ranging from 3 to 6 months.
  5. The fact that the ballast is rated for 2 years and comes with a 01 year warranty and you will see that the Electrolight T5 UniversalRetrofit Kit is the most economical and viable solution in the market today.


T8 LED Florecent Light 18 W

MB Solutions are available for any application and are designed to deliver superior performance metrics with low unit generator costs varying between USS 0.05 - 0.08 per kW h (over the life of the system), economically viable payback periods between 2 1/2 to 6 years, no operational requirements and minimal maintenance costs.

LED Street Lights

LED Solar Lights

MICCTM Monitor Inverter Convertor Charger

MICCTM Monitor Inverter Convertor Charger) MB introduces a new paradigm for PV based solar power systems.The MICCTM (acronym for “Monitored Inverter Converter and Charger”) eliminates the inefficiencies and shortcomings of existing methodologies through new integrated software driven topology. The MICCTM integrates and synchronizes the conversion, inversion, charging, control and monitoring functionalities of a PV based solar power system into one stand-alone device. Three main microcontrollers run a synchronized operation with one independent Pentium microprocessor monitoring and logging operational data.The MICCTM is the new normal in economically generating and delivering solar power. with or without the support of the grid or any other energy source.

The MICC TM central to a PV based solar power system and replaces the legacy inverter/MPPT topology. The MICC consists of the following components:


A monitoring system containing comprehensive instrumentation for logging, remote monitoring and analysis of system performance metrics like energy generated and delivered, load, storage, and expected backup amongst others.


A high-voltage, high-resolution sine-wave inverter operating as a true voltage source that can handle any type of high-torque,high-surge inductive or capacitive load without grid support regulating power factor or 1.


A converter that regulates very low dc voltage on the PV circuit enabling increased output from harvested solar energy.


A rapid-bettery-charger operation which results in significantly reduced number batteries and increased life.


Industrial and Commercial

MB delivers comprehensive MICC based PV solar power solutions for industrial and commercial applications that can fully replace grid based or fossil fuel (diesel/gas/coal) based energy sources. The solution are available as stand-alone 24 hour systems or as part of a blended energy source portfolio and run every kind of load. Ideal for small, medium and large scale industries and commercial establishments wanting to reduce escalating grid or fossil fuel costs or challenged by availability of stable and reliable power. Solutions are available from 25kW to 50MW


MB telecom solutions are available for BTS applications. Ml3 telecom solutions are MICC based and reduce BTS opex by up to 50%. Solutions
are available from 2.5 kW - 50 kW.


MB agricultural solutions provide power to standard asynchronous single / three phase motors for tube-well water pumps in an easy-to-operate and minimal maintenance design. No investment in conversion of motors is required and diesel generators or grid based power can be fully eliminated. Ideal for rural areas with limited availability of power. Solutions are available in sizes from 5 kW - 100 kW. Agri MICC can be installed with or without batteries.


MB ATM solutions are stand-alone plug-and-play solutions to run bank ATM infrastructure and are deigned to eliminate diesel generators and UPS infrastructure. Solutions are available in sizes from 1.5 kW - 5 kW, with or without solar modules.


MB residential solutions are available in standardized kits that enable home-owners to go off-grid and eliminate grid power or use as back-up power during blackouts. MB kits operate air-conditioners. Kits are available in sizes of 2.5 kW, 5 kW and 10 kW

Energy Sale

MB systems delivers superior returns to investors when purchased through an investment vehicle and installed at client sites on an energy per unit sale basis. MB rentals sources clients, negotiates pricing, manufactures and installs the system and operates and maintains it for the investors. In markets such as UAE and Pakistan, IRR’s in excess of 15% are available.

 Benefits of MICCTM based PV solar power systems:

  • 24 hour power at a generation cost of US$0.05 to 0.08 per kWh
  • can eliminate diesel generators with a payback of around 3 years
  • can replace grid with a payback of 5 to 6 years
  • make PV based solar power available for any application by independently handling any kind of inductive or reactive load without the need for over sizing, running any device including motors, air-conditioners, refrigerators,compressors, pumps, induction heaters, cranes, presses etc.
  • deliver power efficiency through load digital power factor correction (PF of 1) and elimination of legacy power factor correction banks
  • deliver line harmonics filtering reducing power losses and increasing efficiency
  • minimize energy costs in space constrained applications by delivering sequential or blended power from multiple energy sources such as grid or gensets
  • enable elimination of UPS infrastructure through seamless (0.00 ms) switching between multiple energy sources
  • enable elimination of stabilization infrastructure by delivering continual line stabilization regardless of input source quality
  • achieve improved output from PV panel generation enabling reduction of PV panel usage
  • reduce time-to-generation costs through a plug-and-play installation
  • reduce cabling costs through a high-voltage design