Hydro Electric Reactor

The Hydro-Electric Reactor is an electricity-producing technology which uses a scientific principle known as the Multiple-Compression Propulsion System (M.C.P.S.) to generate electricity in commercial quantities.

The Reactor does not use any fossil fuel or carbon-based compounds to produce electricity and it is the world’s most advanced and most efficient green energy technology.

A commercial-sized Unit has been built and tested with successful results. The Reactor transfers kilowatts out of the kilowatts of the electricity it generates, back to the starter motor, in order to continue operating perpetually without any external power source. The extra kilowatts generated is distributed to other users.

Smaller units of the Reactor can generate several kilowatts of electricity for residential, commercial and industrial buildings and larger units can generate megawatts of electricity for entire cities using about 10% power input.

The system is designed to work together in a group for the supply of electricity to large cities, towns and other communities or as individual units to supply electricity to residential, commercial or industrial buildings.

The Reactor can generate pure, clean and sustainable green energy, all-year-round, using only compressed air as its fuel. Ambient air from the atmosphere goes into the Hydro-Electric Reactor power plant and it is compressed at very high speeds, at many stages, to produce electricity. Only air is discharged from the exhaust, back into the atmosphere.

There is no daily operating cost whatsoever.

The technology can be applied to produce power plants for electricity and also to produce all-electric engines for motor vehicles, marine crafts and all types of aircrafts, with unlimited miles range.

The Hydro-Electric Reactor is a self-sustaining green energy technology.

The invention is being secured with worldwide patents..