chenMB Textile has grown to become the leader in the aprons and cots market in Pakistan. Our total commitment to quality product, a work force of highly qualified, trained, motivated and experienced technicians and sales persons are the factors that have authored this success story. Chen rubber aprons are made from superior polymer for delivering uniform performance throughout their working life. cots are made from new generation polymers and chemicals. They have good Antistatic properties, higher elastic recovery and excellent abrasion resistance.For last many years MB Textile is the Sole Agent in Pakistan for Chen Brand Rubber & Cots,


Rubber Aprons

Chen Rubber Aprons has the following characteristics:

  • High resistance to ozone and crack which assures cost reduction and long lifetime
  • Chen Rubber Aprons has been special Chemically treated which removes slip
  • Aprons has low static electricity which minimizes lapping
  • Aprons have high resistance to pollution which makes washing rare
  • Aprons have high resistance to abrasion which makes no damage
  • Chen Rubber Aprons are highly elastic which assures high spring balance of thread

Rubber Cots

  • Chen Rubber Cots has the following characteristics:
  • Rubber Cots have high resistance to Soiling & Chemical
  • It has high resistance to ozone, which assures late crack
  • Rubber Cots have low Static Electricity which minimize Lapping
  • It has high rebound resistance & strength of pull which assures increased yarn quality
  • Chen Rubber Cots have long life time which decreases production cost
  • ChenRubber Cots are UV (Ultra Violet treated) which minimizes Lapping