3D Reflectors T5 Energy Saving Lights 28W

  1. The Electrolight T5 Universal Retrofit Kit is the only IlL classified universal voltage T5 single strip converter in the market.
  2. This fully assembled kit includes a 28w T5 lamp, Nano-Refiector, bi-pin adapter and electronic quick start ballast.
  3. The kits can fit into any T8 or T12 fixture bulb within minutes.By having a reflector as part of the unit, the lumen levels are nearly doubled, letting the customer reduce the amount of lamps by 50%.
  4. The T5 Universal Retrofit Kit will start saving money the moment it is installed, can save up to 70% on lighting costs and has a payback period ranging from 3 to 6 months.
  5. The fact that the ballast is rated for 2 years and comes with a 01 year warranty and you will see that the Electrolight T5 UniversalRetrofit Kit is the most economical and viable solution in the market today.