Roving Transportation System – RTS

SIEGER – An established solution provider for textile mills with state of art manufacturing facilities offer proven automation solutions for spinning mills.

RTS – Railsrts1

The heart of the RTS system is a sturdy aluminum rail. The guide rollers are with angular inclination, which guides and bears the load. The rail is tapered to avoid accumulation of dust and fluff and enhances self cleaning. The rails are of interlocking design which ensures stability of the rails and thereby smooth operation.

rts2RTS – Lay Out

Fully automatic, semi auto and manual system configuration is available. Layout adaptable for random and batch loading. Automatic roving bobbin stripper can be integrated to clean the bobbin while being transported from ring frame to speed frame. Train with different configuration with rotating or stationery holders to enhance automation possibilities.


RTS – Elevationrts3

Sturdy track and modular drive arrangements make transport from different floor level possible. Full bobbin transport with heavy loads is effortlessly transported to different floors.


rts4RTS – Supports

Modular design and variety of supports creates numerous configuration to suit all types of mill layouts specifically for existing mills.


RTS – Bufferrts5

Rows of parallel buffers are located at vantage points so that material is available at ring frame within the shortest possible time. Dense buffering helps to reduce fluff accumulation. Buffers with automatic diverters ensure different material stored and directed with precision to pre designated ring frames.


rts4RTS – Switches & Diverters

Automatic (or) manual switches with 2/3 way systems. The switches are mounted on sturdy precisely machined aluminum plate. The switches are sturdy for long life operation


ROVEMASTER – Inlinerts7

  • Fully contained unit with automatic bobbin removal, stripping, opening and re insertion in the line.
  • Variable unwinding speed to suit various materials and twist parameters.
  • Can be adopted for a variety of roving transport systems from other makes for different bobbin sizes.