Accessories - Roving end opener ( REO )


Stripping of roving bobbins and opening of the roving ends is an important task in the spinning mills. Existing methods like cutting the layers of roving with knives and opening them directly in the below room leads to damage to the valuable bobbin surface and also the fibres are subjected to fatigue which affects yarn quality.

SIEGER REO has been developed to ensure that no damage occurs to the bobbin surface and the fibres are also safely opened during the process. Roving are removed by applying rotary movement to the bobbins and simultaneously evacuating the rovings. The evacuated rovings are thoroughly opened by applying compressed air current as a medium. This ensures that there is no physical damage to the fibre and bobbin as well. The roving can be effectively used as fresh raw material without affecting yarn quality. The operation is more scientific and requires less labour.


  • No physical damage to the Roving Bobbins.
  • Gentle handling of the fibre.
  • Less labour and highly productive.
  • Saving of the valuable raw material.
  • Very short payback considering the savings in labour and utilization of the raw material.


  • Fully contained unit with stripping of the roving bobbins and opening of the fibre.
  • Variable unwinding speed to suit various material and twist parameters.
  • Simple operation and occupies less space.

Technical Data

No of Bobbins 6 / loading
Production Cpacity 12 to 18 kgs / hour
Power Requirements 220 V AC , 1 Phase 50 HZ 0.37 kw Drive motor
Compressed Air Clean & Dry @ 4-6 bar , 0.37 kw Drive motor
Dimensions L 1450 x W 1300 x H 1000 mm
Weight 275 kgs

Accessories - Pallateze + Stretch Wrapping ( SWP )

One more innovative product from SIEGER – Palateze
Pallets packing for yarn as cones- At present the pallets are formed with multiple operators and ladders causing delay and damages to the cones during handling.
In SIEGER Palateze the equipment is positioned in a pit. The empty pallet is placed on the platform and the layers of cones are stacked in a very convenient position. The platform lowers at the press of button ready to load the next layer. On complete pallet is raised and removed manually.
If the pallet needs to be stretch wrapped – the operator clings the film on to the pallet and initiates the wrapping process. The pallets revolve, simultaneously lower and rise causing the pallets to be wrapped.

Lifting capacity 1500kgs
Turntable diameter 1800mm
Film stretch upto 300%
Connected load 5kW
Pallet size (Max.) 1250mm X1250mm Height 2600mm